The Strati Guild Confederation



Strato is a large island nation, and is geographically considered a part of the larger continent of Kasata, which is roughly 200 miles south of Strato’s southern shores. It measures approximately 732,000 square miles, and despite its small size, is home to 31 million people. The island’s natural resources include lumber, herbs and spices, furs and stone. It also boasts an abundance of iron and gold. These resources fuel the Strati Guilds, a confederation of economic powerhouses that dominate global trade. This political entity, due to its affluence and technological power, is among the most powerful and influential nations in Eyros.

Average Values (temperatures and population):
- Coastal: 68 degrees
- Highlands: 53 degrees
- Population density among inhabited areas: ~50 per square mile.

Climate, terrain and population:

Strato is among the more densely populated nations in Eyros. Its climate shows little seasonal variability, though its northeastern shores tend to be much wetter and its southeastern shores are much warmer. Huge swathes of its coastal plains have been converted into farmland, while numerous logging and mining communities live in the hilly northwest and interior.

  • Temperate deciduous forest: 33%
  • Tropical shrubland: 32%
  • Savannas and grasslands: 25%
  • Tropical deciduous forest: 10%
  • Average altitudes:
  • Coastal plains: 1000 feet ASL
  • Highlands: 4800 feet ASL
  • Highest peak: 10235 feet ASL
  • Population: 31 million


-Strato is home to the Strati Guild Confederation, which serves as its governing authority. Its government is best defined as a plutocratic corporatocracy. It is ruled by a council of guild representatives, who tend to be the most senior and/or most powerful members of Strato’s major guilds (namely the Mining, Agriculture, Maritime, Logging and Mercantile Guilds). This council has the authority to establish tariffs, raise armies, declare war and establish colonies. It is also responsible for maintaining good order throughout the land, though forces in the employ of the Strati government tend to be concentrated more in cities and trade centers than anywhere else.

-Strato is divided into regions which are controlled by the major guilds, and are considered sovereign entities. Thus, each guild and its associated region has its own set of laws which govern the day-to-day life of its inhabitants.


-The Strati are a cunning and pragmatic people. They have no definite feelings about fundamental rights—their considerations of right and wrong are dictated by their laws, which in almost all respects focus on protecting economic growth and potential. Thus, they believe theft to be wrong because it harms fair trade and market values, and not because they believe humans possess any fundamental, innate right to property. Because their morals are reflections of their laws, and because their laws are constructed to maximize economic potential, the Strati have no qualms about slavery. Though they do not usually enslave their own population, they are more than happy to trade for and/or purchase slaves on the global market.


-Strati lifestyles vary according to region and guild affiliation. That said, they are universally hardworking and proud—both because of the significant time they dedicate to mastering their varied crafts as well as their global reputation for excellence in such endeavors.

-Strati are considered affiliated with whatever guild they are born into by region. Once most Strati boys or girls reaches puberty, they begin an apprenticeship in one of the guilds associated with their birth guild. Thus, a person born into the Mining Guild may choose to become a miner, a quarryman, a jeweler, a smith, a mason, or a smelter. Once this sub-affiliation is chosen, they dedicate the rest of their lives to becoming experts in their field.

International Relations:

-The Strati Guild Confederation wields immense political influence internationally. They maintain colonies in Laronea, South Maluth, the Kasatan mainland, and along the southeastern shores of the Vjashan continent. Although they have no colonial presence in Loirezh (who would never suffer foreigners to trespass on their lands), Strato is permitted by the Rezhi government to maintain a large port city off the Loirezh eastern shore.

-Strato is currently at war with rebels from the Kasati mainland. The Guild Confederation formerly extended throughout the entirety of Kasata; however, the Kasats were historically never treated as equal partners and members of the Confederation. Thus, they revolted. Despite Strati military power and technological superiority, the rebellion has persisted for more than two centuries. This is mainly due to Kasata’s rugged terrain and tenacious defenders, who are well acquainted with Strati military tactics. Some argue that the Confederation has simply failed to reclaim the Kasati mainland because it is poorer in natural resources than Strato, and the guilds therefore do not place a high priority on subduing the natives. That said, the Miner’s Guild lost the most when the Kasats revolted, given the vast mineral wealth hidden in its steep hills and mountains, and their voice has been the loudest when demanding that the Confederation retakes the continent.


-The Strati military is less a nationalized force than it is a number of regional guild armies. Each guild maintains a respectable force that usually consists of well-trained and equipped cavaliers, ranks of engineers armed with the latest in long-range firearms and explosive projectiles, and great blocks of militia crossbowmen who deliver withering volleys of fire while taking cover behind sturdy tower shields. In times of war, the Strati Guild Confederation’s central government may call on the individual guilds to supply soldiers. Together with the powerful fleets of the Maritime Guild, these joint forces are capable of defeating virtually any foe.

The Strati Guild Confederation

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