There are a various paths that an adventurer may choose in this world. Though each region has it’s own unique list of preferred classes, any of these may be chosen.


Brutish warriors from the far reaches of the land, relying more on their raging fury than eloquent fighting styles to overcome their opponents. Fast moving, strong, and able to use large weapons with ease, they make an excellent front line for a party.


Experts on local lore as well as performance arts, bards make a useful addition to parties by both playing music for beneficial effects and by using their capability to speak to locals with ease to gather information for the group, as well as being proficient in any manner of small tasks.


Cavaliers are heavily armored, mounted warriors who form the mainstay of many professional armies. Able to deal large amounts of damage through mounted combat and single out foes to challenge in combat, cavaliers select a specific order to join upon completion of their training.


Intelligent tinkerers, masters of artifice, and the mechanics of war all call themselves the same; engineers. Whether designing machines to aid in construction or assembling deadly explosives and modifying firearms well beyond their expected capabilities, these individuals make an excellent addition to a diverse party.


Whether trained in the city guard, a member of a local militia, or simply a sword for hire, these adventurers use strength in arms to achieve their goals. Able to use or be trained in a wide variety of weapons, fighters often use weapons in the styles of their homelands.


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Quick to jump on the new technology bandwagon, Gunslingers have dedicated themselves to perfecting the art of firearms. Often travelling alone, they rely on their ranged weapons and fast reflexes to overcome fights.


Monks are masters of discipline and control over their own bodies. Often relying solely on unarmed attacks, they are able to perform feats of bodily strength that to the untrained may almost seem like magic.


Priests are found all over the world, though the religion they follow varies greatly. From the humble herding villages of Laronea to the grand metropolis of Guilderton, they relay messages and guidance from their gods onto the general public.


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Scholars, though severely lacking combat expertise, are a useful addition to any adventuring party. Knowledge on many different subject areas, including the ever important arts of triage and crafting medicines, ensures that the party will have an answer to any situation or mystery.


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